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A scooter refers to a "two-wheeled” vehicles that have wheels between 8 and 14 inches in diameter, step-thru frames and have typically engines that are low and close to the rear wheel. In short, they are motorised or electric versions of children's push-back scooters. Since they were first designed and constructed in the late 19th century, scooters continue to be a popular, inexpensive, fun form of transport for young people and adults of all ages, to use and enjoy. The most popular types of current scooters available are gas-powered, electric and push/kick-back.

Scooters vary depending on where they are used, inside or outside. Indoor scooters are generally smaller, three-wheeled vehicles in comparison to outside scooters. Manufacturers design them to work best indoors or on paved, level ground. They tend to be smaller and a lighter scooter than the outside scooter. They also travel shorter distances on an electric charge at slower speeds, and generally cost less than outdoor scooters.

Outdoor scooters in contrast are bigger than inside scooters. Almost all outside scooters have four wheels and sit off the ground. In addition, they of a larger size, have higher ground clearance and likely to have more powerful motor. Furthermore, out-door scooters climb hills, go up curbs and travel over open ground. They are generally larger than inside scooters.

Indoor-outdoor scooters in comparison are vehicles that are a mixture of the best features of both indoor and outdoor scooters. Most of these scooters currently available are three-wheeled vehicles, containing a rear-wheel drive and soft tires. A fully assembled indoor-outdoor scooter weighs between 80 and 150 pounds.

The main types of scooters which are available today to purchase are Gas, Electric and kick-back scooters.

Lark Scooters

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